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The 1000+hp Audi RS 6 Avant: PG-VF Edition

words: Denis Podmarkov photos: Ted7

The 1000+hp RS 6 that could. A family hauler that could hit 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds and a top speed of 211mph. Yep, that's the 1 of 1 PG-VF Audi RS 6. The power upgrades come from a VF Engineering stage 3 engine software. The turbos have been upgraded by The Turbo Engineers and the intercooler upgrades come from CSF Performance. Brought together by one of my favorite shops: Pacific German The 4.0T platform is very capable of handling such power and these companies are just proving how realistic it is to get to 4 digit horsepower numbers.

This 1 of 1 RS 6 is owned by one of my good friends Drakce Matovski. Drakce joined the RS 6 Registry around late February of 2021 when his RS 6 was fully stock. After some back and worth IG DMs we both learned that we live in the SoCal area and have a passion for the fast wagons. Seems like the love for the Audi brand and both of us being from Eastern Europe, bonded our friendship right away. Being able to see his RS 6 go from fully stock to mild upgrades and now the beast that it is, I'm happy to present it here to share this machine with everyone else. There are a few more plans in the works for the PG-VF Audi RS 6 but I can't share them yet. For now full build list below and beautiful photos by Ted7.


Suspension / Wheels / Tires

  • Vossen EVO-6TR wheels

  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires

  • ABT front and rear anti-roll bars

  • Lowering via factory scan tool

  • Yellow brake calipers

Interior / Exterior

  • Maxton Designs front splitter, side skirts, rear side splitters, central rear splitter, and spoiler cap

  • European cup-holder and console interior trims

  • AskCarbon steering wheel and air bag cover

  • Livery and paint protection film by Protective Film Solutions


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