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Yet another Tribute Edition Audi RS 6 Avant

words/photos: Denis Podmarkov

This specific RS 6 is a bit special to me. It's owned by one of my good friends, and I somewhat helped with the purchase of the vehicle. Even though I did very little I still feel involved.

It's owned by George Achorn. To some, that name might sound familiar, especially if you're involved in the Audi world. Currently, George is Executive Director at Audi Club of North America and Editor-in-Chief for quattro magazine. His automotive roots go back to being one of the founders of VWVortex and Fourtitude. How's that for a trip down memory lane.

Long story short: George gives me a call and mentions there's a Tribute Edition RS 6 Avant that he's thinking about that wasn't too far away from me. Since the dealership was in SoCal and George lives on the East Coast, he kindly asked me if I can go take a look at the car and give him my feedback. A small favor felt like a big responsibility. The car checked out and a few days later George planned it all out to bring the car to Monterey Car Week before shipping it over to his home state. That's it. That's the story.

On a funny note, it did feel wonderful to reconnect with the car. From seeing it at the dealer lot to riding passenger during Car Week, now I got a chance to shoot it in its new home: Pennsylvania. George has to be the biggest Audi nerd I know (other than Brian Scotto) and most of my Audi fun facts come from him. It was only right that we meet up for lunch and a quick photo shoot.

I'm also going to take the time and plug Audi Club NA. One of the major benefits is a subscription to quattro Magazine. This is one of the few Audi magazines that is still in print. Check out all the benefits HERE and sign up!

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