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DESIGN: Audi RS 6 by Anissa

Source: Anissa

Nowadays you don't need a pencil and paper to show your ideas. Luckily with the help of proper software, you can bring your ideas to life by turning them into a render. I noticed this RS 6 render on Instagram and had to contact Anissa for the details.

Anissa states: "I just wanted to make the new RS 6 look a little bit different from stock, but without modifying the body lines too much. By doing what I usually try to do with all my designs, the car is better looking than the original and the lines don't break the design language."

"In this particular case, I modified the front bumper, adopting bigger (and more subtle) air intakes because, in my opinion, it suits the general lines of the front better. I also modified the three air intakes above the grill and made them bigger, making them more obvious. One of the features that I wanted to add is the QUATTRO logo because it apeared on the previous model, and I really loved it. So I decided to create this new (old) grill frame for the new model."

"The kit includes a widebody that follows the original lines; along with the widebody, we have some functional air vents to bring all the parts together and make the rear bumper flow along the rear wide-body panel. Also, I included simple add ons to make the car lower and more aggressive, but at the same time, without being so excessive. Other features, such as the little spoiler and the subtle modifications on the diffuser, are made to make the whole car look visually balanced. The last feature I would like to talk about is the hood air vent. I just wanted to make the car look meaner from the front, and the hood is one of the areas that make the car seem more aggressive."

"The wheels I've chosen for the car were a Vossen x Novitec NV1 because I feel like they are a perfect balance between elegance and aggressive look. At the same time, the sharp angles allow the wheel to be in tune with the lines of the car."

It's always fascinating to see how others visualize design. I personally really like the look of the rear diffuser. Be sure to check out Anissa on Instagram to see Anissa's latest creations.

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